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Paid Internship Program Batch 2022

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Paid Internship Program Batch 2022

Last updated: 8th December 2021

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What is a Paid Internship Program?

FXMedia Internship Program is an internship program with a monthly allowance. Interns who pass the program will also be certified professionals from FXMedia Singapore Pte Ltd. In this program, students can join teams and work on real projects where a mentor will accompany them.

How long is the internship duration?

For Programmers/Developers, the minimum duration is 6 (six) months, and the maximum is 12 (twelve) months. The minimum period is 3 (three) months for designers, and the maximum is one year.

Where will I work later?

Most of the interns are still WFH because the company has not determined the decision for WFO or Hybrid. Interns are allowed to make an initial agreement with the HR Manager whether they want to stay at WFH until the end of the internship period.

When will the internship schedule start?

The internship schedule can adjust to each student’s schedule. Prospective interns are allowed to negotiate with the HR Manager during the interview.

When is the deadline for sending the CV and Portfolio?

The sooner you send your application, the better because the available slots for each position are limited.


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